Tuesday, September 26, 2017

WELL! Here I Am!..and there YOU are!--Come for the GIVEAWAY, did you?

I know some of you have wondered
WHAT I have been up to...right?

I am now letting the 
proverbial cat out of the bag-
or the witch off her broom--
take your pick.

I am starting this new blog
but not abandoning the old one.

This blog is called
I plan on posting items that 
I am creating for (or selling in)
my Etsy Shop---

Guess what the name of my 
Etsy Shop is...
 It is called

Is that clever or what?

I plan to get my items posted
for sale in the next few days
so bear with me
as I navigate the ins and outs of Etsy.

To start with I am going to 
do a small giveaway
just in time for Halloween.

I have a crusty, dusty, fusty
that needs a new home.
She is bringing her own 
with her along with a couple of 
and maybe even one of my
special pumpkins--
(I am including whatever you see here-
except the sticks-lol)
Here she is!
Guess she didn't listen to her mother
and her face froze that way!
What do you mean is she 
a relative?
Is this her best side?

 She may be ugly but
just think how good 
standing next to her...
Get my drift?

There might even be a
couple of other little things
thrown in there for fun...

ALL you have to do to enter
is follow this
and tell me you want to be entered.

IF you put a little mention of 
my new blog
on YOUR blog let me know
and I will throw your name
in a second time.

This is open to US residents only.
I don't do international shipping
at this point.

To keep  it fair, 
I will have one of the 
pick the name....
that way I can't get blamed for

So-there you have it-
My first post on this new blog.
I don't plan to close my other blog.
That will be for family and fun.
This one will be for items
and ideas.
AND-when we move in the spring
I will let you follow along with 
the rehab/decorating of
our new place.
Wherever that might be!!!

Oh---want to see just a bit 
of what is going in my
Etsy shop?
Here is a sneak peek
of some of my cigar box dioramas!
Pretty cool, huh?

So---sign up as a follower
and tell me you want
to look good standing
next to that ugly old crone!

I promise to ship her out
in the next few days
so you get her well before

I think I have the shop connected-
A Cottage On The Cove
PLEASE pop over and see what I have....
I have LOTS more STUFF coming!


  1. Oh dear!! you have pretty cool stuff in your cute shop.. I love the banner of this blog.. specially the plant picture.. I've lariat sent you a request via email..Love n hugs...

  2. Oh Diana, I finally got it fixed myself. Love all your items, but don't put me in as I am not decorating anymore, it's just to hard. Love the new blog and I wish you much success.

    Lots of Hugs,

  3. LOL... I don't want the witch - there are enough here, thank you very much. HOwever, lovely idea - and I am particularly looking forward to your next home decoration project. Best of luck with your cottage on the cove!

  4. Love the name of your new blog. I'm not entering (since I don't live in the USA), but wish you all the best in your new venture.

  5. Hey Girlfriend!!!! I was thinking you had a new cottage to live in!!!! and where ARE you moving?????
    I'd love the sceeeeery witch....so would my grands!!
    Will be fun to follow your new blog too!!

  6. Congrats on opening your Etsy shop! I'll visit you for sure. Following this blog, and I'd love to be included in the giveaway! I started an Etsy shop last week.

  7. How fun opening an etsy shop. I was wondering what you've been up to. Yes, I'd love a chance to win the giveaway. And of course, I'm following along. You and me go way back, don't we? I look forward to seeing all the goodies you are selling.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. Hi Diana, love your new blog name and perfect for your Etsy shop too. Great giveaway just in time for Halloween. I don’t see an area on your sidebar to follow. I already follow my email. Best wishes on your shop. Have fun. xo

  9. Now we have two blogs so we can keep track on f you. Ha! I've missed seed you. xoxo

  10. I am excited about your new blog. I just followed this blog and I would be happy to be entered into your new blog giveaway

  11. That is quite the old crone. I would be happy to stand beside her so please enter me into the new blog giveaway. I have subscribed to the new blog, by the way.

  12. Well isn't this fun! Of course I will follow along, I'd love to see what you have up your Etsy sleeve. I am not going to enter though, since I won your son's amazing Apple sign last year. I'll pass my entry on to someone else! :)

  13. How fun is this! I am following snd have visited the shop. Thise turquoise pumpkins are so pretty!

  14. How fun, Diana! I'm following on Bloglovin' now! Looking forward to visiting the shop!

  15. Hi Diana, You have a neat etsy shop and I have already taken a peek. I am going to follow your new blog and going to be getting back on blog land more since I have my computer while I am still rehabbing my leg. It has been a process. I would love to entry your drawing. Take care Hugs and Prayers your Missouri Friend Shirley.

  16. HA - I don't need to stand next to an ugly old crone, I AM one!! So, you decided to start your etsy shop! Good for you!! Looking forward to seeing your sweet treasures! Blessings, Cindy

  17. Haha, you always make me laugh! I'd love to win that crone - she would be a great addition to my Halloween decor. And yay for your Etsy shop! Best witches, uh wishes for success! Love the name too! I'm following.

  18. Well how cool is this? I love it and will be going to your shop now.

  19. You did it! So proud, guess I need to get my But I'm glad you did! Yay!


  20. So glad you will be doing both blogs. Love reading about your grands. You are one busy woman! Please enter me for a chance to win the witch and all her goodies. My grandson loves to decorate - in fact he's already started.

  21. You are insane! Throw me in the hat...I don't know how to follow you on the new thingy here, but will add to my list on my blog and I might even do a post for ya, sistah! Good luck with this, and she is ugly...LOL.

  22. I'm number lucky 7 as a follower! You've kept us guessing far too long so glad to see what has been going on with you.

  23. Congratulations on your new shop! Get ready to be busy girl! xo OMG - you're writing - hilarious!

  24. I am so excited for you- a new blog and a shop! I wish you much success and happiness...you know I will be visiting both! I'm glad you are keeping your original blog going, it's a great way to follow your adventures with the kids.

    Love and hugs,


  25. Congrats on your new blog dear Diana. It will be fun watching what you have to sell. Interesting with the Rosary-I think I had one just like it from Rome. I don't celebrate Halloween, so please don't enter my name. Sending love your way.

  26. Congrats on the new blog and yes, just became a follower. The way I look I am not sure I would look good standing beside the crone. HA! HA!

  27. Woo Hoo! Congrats on the new blog! I love that old crony! Thanks for visiting my post on the convertible. I wanted a vintage Mercedes for years. Couldn’t find one anywhere. Yours sounds lovely!

  28. Hi Diana, Well at least now we know what you have been up to. Sure have missed you and all your wisdom!
    I'm excited for you and your new Etsy Shop. I'll be one of the first nosey witches to go check it out.

  29. Congratulations on the new blog...how cool! Looking forward to following you and seeing all that you are creating!

  30. " She may be ugly but
    just think how good
    standing next to her..."



    Hilarious... but no contest for me. She's kinda scary!

  31. Following!
    I've never met a "witch" that I did not like! xo

  32. I would enjoy standing next to this witch so certainly want to be entered into this adorable giveaway. I look forward to seeing all that you are doing here.

  33. Good luck on your new adventure, Diana!

  34. Diana, This is going to be interesting. I will be coming by to see all the cute things. Honestly I wish you the very best in this new adventure. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  35. Hi dear friend. I wish you all the best! xoxo

  36. Cute blog name- have fun with It and the Etsy shop! I trust you've been enjoying your summer. 😊

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  38. Oh my dear. Sorry I delete my above post. It was full of errors.
    Of course I will follow. I love your other blog so I know I will love this one. Your a sneaky one though aren't you? This witch would look great in my den and I would name her “Attica”. Not sure why. I thought it sorta sounded like an acronym of your new blog name. But then again, Im don't make much since half the time.
    Cant wait to check out your new Etsy shop. I will follow that too.
    Have fun with your new blog. Excited to see what you have “ in store” for us..

  39. Best wishes on your new venture...LOVE the name "cottage on the cove"...looking forward to seeing what's new

  40. How fun is this! I love it when people invent new interests and this is maravelous Diana...cannot wait to see more....love the witch.....tis the season for haunts....best of luck with your new venture.

  41. Congrats on your new blog and business! I wish you great success. Don't enter me in the giveaway....I am not much of a witch person :-).

  42. Wishing you lots of fun times with your new adventure. ❤️

  43. So exciting Diana! All the best to you with your new venture!

    I just signed up for an etsy class in November because I'm considering doing something in the future but who knows if I'll follow through. You can be my Guinea pig :).

  44. Good for you. I'm excited for your new adventure. I'm following. Have a blessed day!

  45. Hello Diana, I am just so happy to hear that you are alright. I thought that you might have been vacationing in Florida when the hurricane hit. You have been away for a while . . . kind of like, Where in the world is Waldo (Diana)?

  46. Hi, looks like Cottage on the Cove is going to be great! Congrats and looking forward to checking out your new Etsy stop!! Good luck!

  47. Congrats on the new blog and shop. I wish you great success Diana. Very cute name as well. xo

  48. Well, I signed up for your new blog before I even read the whole post! I am so excited for you! What a great idea for a new blog. I am going to go over and visit your Etsy shop too and give it some hearts. I don't decorate for Halloween so I will pass on the giveaway and hope that someone else that goes all out decorating wins your old crone! Looking forward to seeing you pop up in my email!

  49. You have endless energy and creativity my dear! I'm glad you will still write your old blog and congrats on the new one. Oh, and on your shop too. I'm having trouble reading any of the blogs I follow because my little follow blogs icon isn't working but I'm going to figure it out! Much success and fun with your new ventures. Lots of Love, Tia

  50. You have been a busy woman pulling all this together and not telling us! haha...

  51. Hooray! I love it!!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  52. Cute blog...good idea to have a different one for your shop. Looking forward to seeing things in your Etsy....xoxo

  53. I went straight to your new shop first! What cute things....love the cigar box. Would love to win this fun giveaway....I'm a follower now too. Good luck with your shop....you know me....I love Etsy! hugs, Diane

  54. Yay for your new blog! This is a great idea. I will be back to check out your shop when I have more time. Getting ready to leave for the Big Town in a few minutes...waiting on my daughter to arrive to go with me. See ya later!

  55. Hi Diana,
    I was wondering what you've been up to- you've been a busy lady. Love the new blog and am popping over to your cute Etsy shop now. Congrats on getting it up and running! xoxo, T.

  56. I'd love to be entered to win the gorgeous (ugly?) witch. I'm on my way to check out your shop. Good luck with it.

  57. Hi! Glad to see a new post from you, been wondering how you have been doing. I'd love to be entered too and of course I'm following this blog now too. :-) Enjoy the rest of your week!


  58. I love this. Funny my mom used to tell me to be careful or my face would freeze like that - I must have made some ugly faces. Love you new blog!

  59. Well, hello busy and creative lady! Love the cigar boxes. And I would love the chance to be standing next to that ugly old crone. I think she'd look pretty nifty on the table on my front porch. I will also be listing your new blog on my blog's sidebar.

  60. Diana, of course I will follow you (to the ends of the earth) and we never can have too many witches standing side by side. They all begin to look alike you know. Pretty soon the old Crone and the Cottage Witch will be twins! Love the name and the idea and look forward to seeing more and sign me up. I'm ready to start my dynasty!!..Happy Thursday..xxoJudy

  61. Hi Diana, congrats on the new blog and the shop! I hope you have fun with it and much success.

  62. Such a cute blog, Diana! I am happy that you got your shop up and running! Have fun with it.
    Love you.

  63. I love it, so happy to have found you and of coarse I will follow and of coarse I want to win. never win anything, but fun to sign up.


  64. HI Diana...
    Best of luck with your Etsy shop...
    As a Canadian, I am not eligible to enter...:o(
    I will visit often!!
    Linda :o)

  65. Woo hoo girlfriend!! Congratulations on your new blog! I surely do wish you the bestest wishes on your new endeavor. I want to know when the giveaway is for the adorable little playhouse cottage is, the on up on the top there with the cute picket fence???!! LOL I want to win THAT! HA HA By the way, is that your all's? We have a playhouse for our lil granddaughter, but it's not nearly as cute as that one! I never had a playhouse growing up, did you?

  66. You go girl!!!! I'm so proud of you :)!!!!!!! Can't WAIT to watch you put together a new house for you and the Hero!!!! Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!! Love ya friend!

  67. Congratulations on your new venture! Good for you! I hope it goes really well. xo Deborah

  68. Congrats sweet friend. This is awesome sauce!!!! Love it all. Love how the cigar boxes are coming out too. Beautiful or should I say Bootiful! So cute. I have your new blog here on my awesome blog roll and will sign up to follow too. Yeah!!!!!
    Happy Friday. Catch up soon.

  69. Congratulations on your new blog and shop, my friend. can't wait to see all of your goodies. xo Laura

  70. Woohoo!!! Love your new blog! I will put it on my blogroll as soon as I leave here! Tell your grandkid that there's a tenspot in it if you picks my name. Have a great weekend.

  71. How fun to start another adventure. Send theat ugly oh witch on to me and she can sit around here someplace LOL
    I seen a box I like the one with Mary and baby jesus with the rosary. I'll check out the etsy shop for sure

  72. Hi Diana Congrats on opening your Etsy shop! I see you were in Indiana...please some see me too! :) in Noblesville

  73. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway. Congratulations on the new blog and shop!

  74. I love the name of your new blog, Diana! could there possibly be a real Cottage on the Cove to live in next spring? I'll look forward to seeing what you have to sell here as well as more of the inimitable Diana humor.

    I'll let someone else have my chance to win because I have zilch storage for seasonal decor in our new house, what little there is of it is dedicated to Christmas. She is a charming old crone though!

    Love to you,

  75. Congrats on the new space, Diana. Well done. And don't worry - we all have scary relatives.

  76. Congratulations. I registered on your etsy page.

  77. I love the new blog and also the witch. I am a new follower to " A Cottage on the Cove". Witches are my favorite décor at Halloween. Looking forward to reading your new blog. Vera

  78. So glad to find your new blog through Kris at Junk Chic Cottage and looking forward to seeing your great ideas. Thanks so much for the chance to win the fantastic goodies.

  79. Hello Lady Di...please don't include me in your giveaway...I'm trying to get rid of a lot of junque myself. I went to my Cozy Visits, or whatever I call my blog roll, to put this new blog on and realized I didn't have your other blog listed...HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! Or rather, how did that NOT happen? It's fixed now and I wish you well with your etsy shop.

  80. Congratulations on your new blog and the Etsy shop, Diana. Please don't enter me in the giveaway as I have no room for storage around here and I need to stay pretty minimal. Have fun! Hugs.

  81. Hello,
    FUN! I am excited for your new blog and Etsy shop.
    Have fun getting your shop ready. It will be a favorite of mine.
    Love, Carla

  82. Hey lady....been over checking out your other site. I have a question....does ETSY sites do well in their sales? I started one many years ago and have even forgotten passwords to get in. Was thinking on trying this for some of my stuff. Thanks for coming by my blog. I love visitors.

  83. Hi Diana - so exciting to open your new shop! The diorama's are wonderful! I'll put you on my sidebar! Hugs xo Karen

  84. Hi doll - just joined as a follower - don't count me in for the giveaway (thanks tho) but I just wanted to wish you all the best on this new endeavor. Hugs. ♥

  85. Hi friend! What a fun blog. I have a new blog and a giveaway too. Great minds, thinking alike. This is sweet and I will be at the other blog too cause I love you bunches. I did follow you here but you know I would follow you everywhere. SO much like me ahhhhhhh.... Have a beautiful day. I will look forward to seeing your new shop too. HUGS

  86. It's too late for me as I didn't see till too late BUT I sure am following. xx

  87. So good to know you opened up your Etsy shop and a brand new blog! Yes, I love the name. Wishing you lots of luck and fun in your new adventure!